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Best Brunch: Brainy Braimfood

Friday, February 11, 2005
Braimfood is the brainchild of David Braim. Wedged between the cooking implements of Essential Ingredient and Prahran Market's Meat & Seafood Hall, it has a limited selection of tables and a long bench seat to accomodate it's satisfied customers. Or you can take a number and join diners from the other Cafes in the outside Market Square area.

Braimfood, Prahran Market
Braimfood, Prahran Market

Put simply, Braim makes damn impressive food you can eat on the spot or take with you to impress others.

Check out the pre-made meals, the noodle salads and the quiche. And the staff, bar one or two exceptions, are some of the most friendly and attentive I have ever seen.

Note: On Sundays, Essential Ingredient's choice of shopping music usually has a cacophonous collision with the free Jazz outside.

Shop 501 Prahan Market, 163 Commercial Road South Yarra VIC 3141

2005-09-21 (Wednesday) UPDATE: Braimfood are no longer serving food on Sundays. Apparently Braimfood is now running the Como House cafe.

Current Favourite Restaurant: Verge

Sunday, February 06, 2005
Verge Restaurant, Melbourne
Verge Restaurant, Melbourne - Detail
Verge Restaurant, Melbourne - Detail
Verge Restaurant scores on all points - park views of the Treasury Gardens, a beautiful Denton Corker Marshall-designed restuarant, elegant and adventurous food, attentive and approachable service and a tip top wine list.

We've been three times in as many months. The first was a memorable set menu Christmas dinner which included:

Gyoza of pork and blue swimmer crab with steamed Chinese cabbage and a spicy lemon dressing

The other two times were for New Year's Eve and a birthday lunch. On each occasion, staff and food was excellent.

1 Flinders Lane (Corner of Spring Street), Melbourne. Phone: 9639 9500