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The tide is low...

Thursday, March 30, 2006
The tide is out - 2
The tide is out - 2,
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And Melbourne's answer to Sydney's Olympics is over.

They had a flying girl, we had a flying tram, boy and a duck.

They had the history of Australia and we had AFL footballers walking on water.

They had John Farnham and we had, er, John Farnham.

Oh, never mind.

Commonwealth Games Whitewash

Saturday, March 25, 2006
We Clear
In the Guardian, UK artist, Banksy rages against the obliteration of Melbourne's graffiti.
Melbourne and London are genuine epicentres of the skewed human touch that can bring a little sparkle into the drudgery of public space. A feat that is of immense value, despite its apparent worthlessness. And a feat that is not so easily achieved by trying to run around a track in under four minutes.

Which is why, of course, we now have the 2006 Graffiti Games.

CBD Beach

Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Southbank Beach - 4
Southbank Beach - 4,
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Surfs up in Southbank - all part of the madness that is the Commonwealth Games...

The Beach at the Arts Centre is... part of Festival Melbourne 2006.
The Arts Centre will create an iconic Aussie beach on the lawns between the Theatres Building and Hamer Hall, with free entertainment everyday of the Games from 15 to 26 March from noon until late.

Yes, The Beach will be hitting the city complete with bathing boxes, heroic lifeguards, giant seagulls and lots and lots of sand... out for the incredibly rude giant seagulls who’ll be on a chip-stealing mission; the moustachioed lifesavers on stilts who’ll be on beach patrol making it safe (and fun!) for all; the synchronised waterskiers with their wading pool stunt spectacular; and eccentric jugglers who will delight with their unbelievable sideshow tricks. And don’t miss Sink or Swimburne, a series of surreal performance vignettes and parades from the students of Swinburne’s Department of Arts.

...catch all the big moments of the Games on the big screen, as well as classic beach movies including Gidget, Storm Boy and Morning of the Earth.
So grab your towel, thongs and sunscreen, kick back on the sand or dance between the flags for Factor 30+ entertainment. And hurry, The Beach only lasts for the Games!

What an exciting press release! Here's more gumpf on "the event".

All the world's a kiosk

Monday, March 20, 2006
The world's a kiosk II
The world's a kiosk II,
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Plasma & LCD screen manufacturers must love the latest trend of incorporating large touch screens into public signage. Naturally, Federation Square has got into the act.

Note that touching the individual building shapes on the screen triggers nothing.

Luna Park Writ Small

Saturday, March 18, 2006
Luna Park Writ Small
Luna Park Writ Small,
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Someone's been busy in the sand pit.

Stencil Graffiti Capital: The Exhibition

Saturday, March 11, 2006
Stencils & Exhibitiion
Stencils & Exhibitiion,
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An exhibition of photographs of stencils & graffiti from a book shown on lightboxes by the Citylights crew in Hosier Lane, one extremely graffitied & stencilled alley...


Braimfood is gone

Wednesday, March 01, 2006
Braimfood is gone
Braimfood is gone,
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No surprise here, Braimfood has closed.

When it was good, it was damn fine.