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The past is only a click away...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The photos of an Italian visitor to Melbourne in 1959-1960 have been posted on Flickr.

Melbourne looks, well, more sparse and less green.

Ca de vin

Tuesday, April 11, 2006
In Postal Lane, between the GPO & Myer you'll find the narrow but welcoming embrace of Ca de Vin.

As befits an alley venue its roof is part sky and part retractable awning, while its walls are simply the old worn stone of this Victorian era public edifice. Ca de Vin takes full advantage of the location while also successfully stopping any wind tunnel effect. In fact, once ensconced, it's hard to imagine you are only metres away from the hurly burly of the Bourke Street Mall.

The food is simple and direct - mediterranean with an obvious bias toward the Southern Italian coastline.

We came to snack. We had olives - a mix of black and green, some stuffed and most de-pipped - heated in olive oil and served in a frypan. Perfect with the house Sauvignon.

Later we tried the turkish bread and dukkah. Not as distinctive or as tasty. Apparently all the bread is baked on the premises. The pizzas look bellisomo.

Well, we're already planning what we'll eat on our next visit - possibly one of those plates of mussels we saw on a serving bench.

Ca de Vin is open most days from 10:30 and the kitchen closes around 7pm.